We make paying for EV charging radically simple

Our award winning solution was created to bring 100% accuracy and unrivalled simplicity to fleet charging payments

  • Pay direct to your drivers' energy suppliers for home charging

  • Access chargepass, the UK’s largest aggregate fast charger network

  • 100% accurate charging costs guaranteed with no admin costs

  • Home charging for fleets. Solved.

    Charging EVs at driver’s homes is far-and-away the cheapest and most convenient method for fleets. It’s now also the simplest.

    • 1

      We integrate with each drivers’ home charge point and energy supplier to calculate the true cost of charging their EV.

    • 2

      Simply login to your fleet dashboard and you’ll have visibility of every charge from every driver.

    • 3

      At the end of the month, you just get one invoice to cover these. Meanwhile, driver home charge costs are automatically credited to their energy accounts.

    Roam free with Chargepass®

    The UK’s largest dedicated business EV charging network.

  • 6,000 charge points

  • One card

  • One monthly VAT invoice for your business

  • Self sign up in just 2 minutes

  • iPad fleet portal

    A fleet of EVs.

    A plethora of drivers.

    A cohort of energy suppliers.

    One single invoice

    Because we pay the energy supplier directly, your drivers don't suffer the bill shock like they would through payroll reimbursement.

    A single invoice covers your entire fleet’s charging, while our clever reports help you identify ways to reduce energy spend.

    Chargers for homes.

    Approved for fleets.

    With Mina you'll get 7.4kW Fleet Approved™ home chargers, each with with a 3-year warranty.

    On average, they take just under eight hours to fully charge the vehicle car from empty (depending on the size of its battery).

    We manage the process in partnership with our network of trusted installation partners.

    Homecharge installation