We make EV charging radically

Charging is the most complicated part of running an electric vehicle.

We make it the simplest.

For fleets that means we’ve made it really simple to pay for work vehicles to be charged at home and in public, with a single bill.

For small businesses and sole traders, that means a single monthly fee for all home charging costs, including a chargepoint installed at home.

Mina Energy

Simple EV charging for fleets

The only solution that puts all your charging costs on one bill - at home and on the road

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    Charge at home:

  • Accurate energy consumption data, straight from the charge point
  • Your drivers don’t pay a penny, so no expenses to claim
  • No need for your drivers to switch energy supplier
  • We pay their energy providers directly, so no “bill shock
  • All your drivers need to do is plug in.
  • Works with most charge point models
  • Charge on the road:

  • Charge using 1000s of public charge points with a single card
  • Home and public charging costs appear on the same invoice and fleet dashboard
Mina Energy

Home charging is best

It’s time to go electric, which means providing cheap and clean power for your fleet with easy charging.

With Mina, your vehicles can charge at your employees homes or on the road, and we’ll send you one single invoice for all the energy used.

Your employees don’t pay a penny, so there are no expenses to claim – we credit their energy providers directly.

That means they’re more likely to charge at home. Fewer public charging sessions means a cheaper energy bill for your fleet, and no more paying for drivers to wait for their vehicles to charge.

Home charging is more than 50% cheaper than charging in public

Mina for fleets

We work with home-based fleets to support easy charging; including pain-free charge point installation, intuitive energy dashboards and easy payment of employee energy costs.

*Price dependent on mileage and vehicle.

**Source: National grid carbon data from December 2019.

†Average UK home energy costs £0.15 per kWh, average UK public charging costs from £0.30.