2019 was the greenest year ever for the UK's energy

25th February 2020
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In 1990 75% of UK energy came from coal. In 2019? Just 2.1%.

In fact, last year there were 137 days where more energy came from renewable sources than fossil fuels. This was thanks mainly to wind power which made up 57% of renewable share (this should increase even more significantly in 2020 thanks to changes in government policy).

There were even 83 days where no coal was burnt at all, making 2019 the cleanest year ever.

Which is good news, especially for those of us running EVs. A cleaner grid means cleaner driving miles.

UK c02 emissions lowest since 1888

And that’s not all, those of us charging mainly during off peak hours (midnight to 6am) were using energy that was 20% greener than during the day. Something we’re really keen to encourage with our new EV charging subscription and fleet tools.

So while there’s still work to do, the future’s looking bright, and EVs are looking greener every day.

Wind Turbines photo by Thomas Reaubourg on Unsplash