A driver’s guide to the Mina Solution

15th April 2021
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So, your Fleet Manager has signed you up to our award winning EV charging payment solution. You have your sparkly new EV or know it’s on it’s way and your charge point has been installed at home. 

You’ll likely have some questions about what happens next.

Let’s start with who we are; We’re an award winning EV Charging Payment Startup with a mission to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by making paying for EV charging radically simple. That’s right, we’re here to make your life easy – no more mileage calculations, receipts and expense claims to submit each month (Woohoo!!).

Joining Mina

Once we have your details (typically sent through by your fleet manager), we’ll send you an email or SMS inviting you to onboard with Mina. Here you’ll be asked to fill in a few details about yourself and upload a copy of your recent electricity bill. We need this information so we can see your MPAN number, what tariff you’re on, your account number, and who your energy supplier is. All of this information is needed so that we can accurately pay your electricity supplier at the end of each month for the amount it has cost you to charge your EV at home. Following this you’ll receive another email from our lovely team to say the information you’ve given us has been validated – and that’s it from you, you can leave the rest of the hard work to us!

On or around the 15th of each month you’ll receive an SMS from us, confirming the amount paid directly to your electricity supplier. You’ll see this show on your electricity statement and also in the Mina Driver Portal. 

Personal vs business miles split

Ok so you want to throw a curveball – you have to submit your business vs personal miles each month. Well, don’t worry, we have you covered. You can log into the Mina Driver Portal at the end of each month (we’ll prompt you via SMS) to submit your business vs personal miles. Even better, if you have a mileage tracking system set up with your company, we can take the data directly from there, so no need to lift a finger!

Charging at home

You’re probably wondering what the best time to charge your EV is?

Let’s take a step back, it’s 6pm, and you’re cooking dinner using your electric hob and oven. You have your washing machine and tumble dryer going, the kids have the TV on (along with multiple devices plugged in that are charging) and your partner is WFH using their laptop. Ok we know this is hypothetical but we’re trying to paint a picture! When you’re at home using large electrical appliances, you can guarantee John and Sneha up the road are too.

To then charge your EV at the same time, will slow down the charge, in turn costing you much more. So the best time to charge your EV is during ‘off peak’ times, typically overnight.

It’s worth mentioning you can’t overcharge your EV – charge points have a battery management system built in which slows down the charge when it realises the battery is nearly full.

Out on the road using the Mina Chargepass

If your fleet has signed up for home charging as well as public charging, you’ll receive a Mina Chargepass which will give you access to thousands of public charge points across the country. So when you’re travelling long distance or need to top up on the road, you won’t be left short. Simply pull up to a public charge point (within our Chargepass network), connect your EV to a charge point using the charging cable and tap your Mina Chargepass to start the charge. When you’ve finished, tap your Chargepass again to stop the charge and unplug the cable. There’s nothing to pay – your fleet manager will receive one single invoice at the end of each month for both your home and public charging costs.

And that really is it. We told you transitioning to an EV would be simple. If you have any questions which we haven’t covered here, you can head over to support, start a live chat, call us on 0114 4000 151 or watch our driver onboarding video.