What does it mean? “bill shock”

14th January 2021
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In our quest to help make Electric Vehicles and EV charging radically simple, we thought we’d try to demistify some of the conversations around electric cars by defining a few industry words.

The first is one you might not have heard yet, but believe us, you will do in time.

Bill shock” isn’t just an EV term – according to Wikipedia, it’s

“the negative reaction a subscriber can experience if their bill has unexpected charges“.

So what does that mean for charging a car? Well despite the rollout of smart meters across the country, most households still don’t have one, and rely on meter readings to inform their energy company about their electricity consumption.

So what happens if you plug in an EV every night but don’t give regular meter readings? That’s right – a few weeks or months down the line when you finally update your supplier, a nasty shock can be waiting when your EV charging catches up with you.

Don’t get us wrong, home charging is cheap – as cheap as paying 20p for a litre of fuel, depending on your tariff – but it makes sense to spread the cost of charging each month. So if you don’t have a smart meter, then remember to give regular meter readings so your monthly fees match your usage.

Our fleet charging solution is deliberately designed to prevent bill shock. Every month we pay the driver’s energy supplier directly with the cost to charge the company vehicle, so there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Now that really is radically simple!