Doing our bit to help restore our earth by reducing our carbon emissions

22nd April 2021
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At Mina, we’ve been trying to figure out how we can be better for the world around us. A big step in reducing the impact of climate change is reducing your carbon production and trying to offset any carbon emissions you can’t help but produce. The tricky part is finding out how. 

Our Footprint

After trying to use lots of different complicated calculators, filling in half a dozen questionnaires and badgering our landlord about our energy providers, we were still none the wiser. After talking to some helpful experts – thank you to our friends at Forest Carbon, Fleetcor and Stephen Prior we decided, our best foot forward was to try and understand how much carbon the average UK adult produces and apply that to our workforce. 

How to offset it 

It turns out understanding how much we wanted to offset was only half the battle. Trying to figure out the different methods used, how much they cost and the criticisms of each venture was a rabbit hole we fell deep into. Eventually we chose tree planting as our offsetting method but with shady websites, lots of email chains and chasing, we found after several months we made no progress. 

Trying to find trustworthy business partners to plant trees online was a struggle but with the help of our LinkedIn network we’ve found a few potential partners who have taught us the difference between planting new trees in the UK and using matured trees abroad to capture carbon.

Deciding on next steps

We then learned about preventing deforestation as a method of carbon offsetting. Instead of planting new trees, you stop existing trees being cut down. This method protects existing ecosystems whilst maintaining the income the area would have received from the sale of the wood. 

Our team unanimously voted to look further into this option and so that’s where we’re heading. We’re so proud of the work we have done so far, and can’t wait to share the next stage of our journey, in doing our bit to restore our earth, in months to come. 

You can find out more about preventing deforestation as a method of carbon offsetting here.