Introducing the Mina EV Fuel Card

1st July 2020
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Revolutionising Electric Vehicle charging for company fleets

As you know, It’s just a matter of time before we are all required to step up our low (or zero) emission game; it’s time to make the switch to electric, and look after the world we live in. That’s why we are thrilled to be able to introduce you to the first EV fuel card in the UK!  Now, any fleet manager can easily pay and manage vehicle charging costs, whether their vehicles are charged in public or at employees’ homes. 

Many UK fleets have already seized the initiative to begin transitioning their fleet vehicles to electric, but large numbers are facing the problem of how to manage energy costs for drivers, particularly when charging at home. Until now, the only options were time consuming, complicated expense claims, or the inaccurate 4 pence per mile Advisory Energy Rate which can often leave the driver short changed.

Here at Mina, we are proud to not only make it simple for companies to charge their fleet of electric vehicles, but also transition seamlessly towards fully electric fleets using the first fuel card for the EV world. 

Thanks to the low kWh costs of domestic energy compared to public charging, it pays to encourage employees to plug in at home. Saying goodbye to complicated expense claims and out-of-pocket employees, we can help fleet managers to remove these barriers; unlocking significant savings. 

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We know your time is precious, so here’s the need to know on how we are revolutionising EV charging: 

  • A single energy invoice across every vehicle and every charge point, whether at home, in public or in the workplace.

  • Your drivers pay nothing, and there’s no need for the inaccurate 4p per mile energy rate  – just charge at home and we accurately credit the energy costs directly to their energy supplier account.

  • User friendly usage dashboards, carbon intensity reports and management of employee’s energy costs so that tracking your energy usage is super accurate and you don’t pay a penny more than you need. 

  • Charging an EV at an employee’s home is as cheap as paying 22p for a litre of fuel – less than half of the cost to charge in public – so it pays to encourage drivers to charge at home. 

Our innovative technology was recently described as a “mind blowing solution” by an enthusiastic client; we don’t need drivers to switch their home electricity supplier, and yet fleet managers are able to pay for the home energy used to charge the vehicle, as easily as using a regular fuel card! 

It really is that simple. What are you waiting for? Book your company demo today.