Introducing the new Mina team members

2nd October 2020
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It’s been all systems go here over lockdown, from securing funding and investment, to welcoming our new advisors. But also, our in house office team has more than DOUBLED in the last 3 months! 

Meet the new team members:

New Mina Team MembersLeft to right: Rukhsaar Amin, Elliot Chaim, Maddison O’Beirne and Laurie Nicholas

Rukhsaar Amin

Rukhsaar is our Operations & Marketing Exec and a final year business student at Sheffield Hallam University.

She joined Mina in August 2020, off the back of spending a year working in e-mobility for a large energy supplier, and loves making the customer journey simple and ergonomic. She thinks “working in such an innovation led industry is awesome” and is really excited to continue her journey in the EV industry with Mina.

Even though she still has her first ever car, Ruk is ambitious for a Tesla Model 3 as her introduction to driving an EV. 

Elliot Chaim

Elliot also joined us in August 2020 as our Principal developer, bringing with him bags of experience across lots of brands and agencies including time as a Technical Lead for a global fuel card company.

Elliot’s forte is building and designing complex applications using cloud technology, and he’s excited by the huge potential for this in the EV charging space – “The EV revolution is just kicking off and I can’t wait to be at the forefront of it!”

He’s also an RSPCA trustee and a keen cyclist.

Maddison O’Beirne

Joining the team just last week in late September 2020 as our Operations Coordinator, Maddison brings tons of positivity and enthusiasm to the office. 

A former teacher, she has spent the last 4 years living and working in South East Asia. She loves finding innovative solutions to problems and improving customer experience.

After recently relocating to Sheffield, a city she loves and has been desperate to return to since studying here in 2009. Maddison snapped up the opportunity to work with Mina, and is excited to be a part of a company, whose desire is to help save the planet is at the forefront of their business model. She says “this is such an exciting opportunity to help businesses looking to convert to EV’s!”

Laurie Nicholas

Laurie specialises in operating at the intersection where tech, design and product meet, joining as our Principal UX Developer in September 2020. He’s driven by a passion for building genuinely useful software products that solve real-world problems, and believes both UIs and codebases alike should be clean and easy to understand.

Laurie’s been creating software since 1999, and has worked with numerous members of the Mina team in previous guises. He’s really excited to be joining the team because “it just feels like the right people, doing the right thing at the right time'”

Another passionate cyclist, outside of work Laurie enjoys road cycling in the Peaks (when family life allows), though Sheffield’s hills have converted him to an eBike for the commute!

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