Making paying for EV charging radically simple for businesses

16th May 2022
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At Mina, we make paying for electric vehicle charging radically simple, because we have a deep understanding of the energy supply network and how it works.

One thing in the transition to electric, which is a challenge for fleet operators, is adding new partners to the supply chain with new ways of doing things, such as electricity companies and public charging providers. 

That’s because an electricity company, for example, has a very different way of supplying, billing, and working than an oil company selling petrol and diesel. This means fleets need to put in place new processes alongside ones they’ve been running for many years.

To understand how these new suppliers operate, how they structure their pricing and charging of customers, the way accounts are managed, and how their supply works, it pays to have come from that industry.

This is where Mina comes in. We make paying for EV charging radically simple and a big part of how we do this boils down to having our very own in-house energy expert - Ashley Tate, our CEO who has over 12 years experience in the energy sector, including running his own energy company. While working in the industry he recognised there was going to be a major issue ahead for electric vehicles and paying for their charging. It was the spark that started Mina.

At the core of what we do is paying accurately and directly to suppliers for all energy used to charge company EVs, whether drivers charge at home or in public. Drivers don’t have to pay for a thing, and by doing this, we make something that could become extremely complex for a fleet, very simple. 

Paying drivers’ consumption directly to supplier seems too good to be true, especially when they charge at home, but we know it’s possible, practical and can be done. But to do it requires a complete understanding of how this often-complex industry operates, and how fleets can then spot opportunities and take advantage.

One invoice for thousands of charging events

Why could paying for EVs become complex, and how do you make it simple? Look at this scenario: a company car or van doing 100 business miles a day might have to charge three times a week, either at home, or on the road. If you’ve got 500 vehicles that could mean 1,500 charges a week, and over a month that’s perhaps 6,000 times they will plug-in (you can do the maths on the annual amount – but it’s big!). 

Each charge will eventually require the employer to pay for it. The admin work required to keep up with this is likely to be vast.

With Mina Homecharge®, payments for every charge go directly to the supplier, no matter how many thousands there could be, all accurately linked to every driver’s home tariff rate.  The business then receives just one monthly invoice, it couldn’t be simpler.

Doing it this way allows the business to save costs on payroll reimbursements and gets rid of the hassle of employees filling out expense forms each month.

Because we pay drivers’ home energy consumption directly to the energy supplier, at the end of the month, they’ll see a payment from Mina on their bill and can also see payments made to their energy supplier on the Mina Driver Portal.

Keeping track of tariffs

There are more than 20 energy suppliers in the UK market and each of them has multiple tariffs, and within those tariffs, the unit cost of energy is subject to regular change – even depending on what time of day it is. For a fleet to keep track of all these prices to pay for employees’ home charging accurately would be a massive undertaking. 

But don’t worry, we do all of this. 

So no matter when your drivers charge, we’ll know exactly what it costs. That means you’re never overpaying for charging, while employees aren’t out of pocket either. 

It also means you’ll know the running costs of every vehicle and even be able to highlight those that could be plugging in at cheaper times with access through the Mina Fleet Portal.

Public charging

On the public charging app Zap-Map, there are nearly 80 different public charging networks listed and of course, just like home charging, there are various tariffs too. It can be incredibly difficult to know if your drivers are getting the best value for their charging. 

Then there’s access – your drivers need to ensure they have the right apps, have signed up to accounts, added payment cards, and will receive receipts they can use for reclaim. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a vast pile of claims to process.

We’ve solved this issue withMina Chargepass®. By using our single RFID card, drivers can access over 6,000 charge points across 2,500 locations throughout the UK. To pay, drivers just tap their Chargepass, and the cost is then charged to the business on the same single monthly invoice.

This allows the business to see costs clearly and avoid messy, long-winded, reimbursements processes with receipts and claim sheets, while drivers don’t have to carry a wallet stuffed full of cards, or clog up their phone with dozens of apps.

Making the complexity of charging simple

Essentially, at Mina, we take thousands of transactions, varying tariffs, and many charging interactions and streamline them into a simple monthly payment, with clear information for the fleet on what’s been charged, while helping drivers manage their electricity bills. 

The EV revolution requires new solutions to make it work, and ours is radically simple.

Speak with our expert team to see how we can help simplify payments for your business’s EV charging costs here