Meet the founders

9th March 2020
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Mina was started by Ashley TateChris Dalrymple and Andrew Gunn in leafy Sheffield, UK.

We founded the business with a clear mission: to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by making paying for EV charging radically simple.

Electric cars are a brilliant, cheaper, greener way of getting around for the majority of people in the UK.

The average mileage of a car is just 8,000 miles (22 miles a day), so the first concern of some people new to electric vehicles – ‘range anxiety’ – is not really an issue for most.

In fact, Electric Vehicles have a big advantage over petrol and diesel cars. If you can charge at home (and about 60% of the UK should be able to) then you can start the day with a full ‘tank of fuel’. Much easier and cheaper than regular trips to the petrol station.

Our frustration came from the fact that this message isn’t getting through to drivers considering their next car. People are confused about public charging, home charging and the real range of EVs.

So we decided to create a product that we hope creates clarity in the noise: A fixed price subscription that includes a home charger, free energy and easy access to public charge points.

We think it makes owning and driving an EV radically simple, and we can’t wait to share it with you.