Mina's top 5 vans for your electric fleet

31st March 2021
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As you know, at Mina we are passionate about supporting fleets with fulfilling their mission of becoming zero emission companies.

Whether you are a fleet manager of thousands of vehicles, or a small business owner with just one, we’re here to support you on your road to zero.

On the 15th of March, Bath became the first clean air zone (CAZ) outside of London charging non-compliant vans and other commercial vehicles between £9 and £100 a day to drive in the city centre, and with other cities due to follow suit over the coming years, it’s just a matter of time before we are all required to step up our low-emission game. 

For businesses, electric vans are set to become ever-more important to those that want to keep working in urban areas and as a result, manufacturers have seen a huge increase in demand.

At Mina, we have been working with fleets to help support the transition from petrol and diesel vans to all electric vehicles, with positive results. For some of our fleets, one of the barriers to achieving becoming a zero emission company by 2030, was an inability to accurately pay for employees’ home charging, and we’re proud to say that fleets including Mitie Group Plc, OVO Energy Ltd, Guinness Partnership and Gastronomy Foods UK Ltd (KFC franchise), are now using our revolutionary solution which allows fleet vehicles to be charged at home and on the road, resulting in one simple bill for the fleet owner. So if you’re a fleet looking towards the future, here’s some of our favourite E-Vans currently on the market and being snapped up by fleets across the UK, and the very best of what’s coming later in 2021 and beyond. 

The Vivaro E (Available Now) 

The electric Vauxhall Vivaro medium-sized van makes use of some of the same technology as the highly-regarded Corsa-E, and it’s the electric van that can travel the furthest on a single charge, with a maximum range of 205 miles quoted for the big-battery version. For fleets, the Dynamic version has steel wheels, black plastic bumpers and kit such as cruise control, auto lights and wipers and rear parking sensors, giving you the exact same cargo space as the ever-popular diesel version. 

Mercedes E sprinter (Available Now) 

As AutoExpress attests, if you want to buy a large van, the Mercedes Sprinter is a go-to model for sale in the sector and is available in a bewildering variety of layouts. Go for the conventional panel van, and as well as front or rear-wheel drive, there are four body lengths and three roof heights to choose from, while crew cab, tipper, dropside and Luton versions are offered, and a chassis cab allows a variety of conversions to be added too! The van to suit your business, whatever your needs! 

Peugeot E-Boxer (April 2021)

Coming soon, the E-Boxer is the long awaited electric version of the classic Boxer van. For larger versions fitted with a 70kWh battery, we’re expecting a rage of up to 211 miles, charging compatible with type 2 sockets and combo CCS 4, while the van is equipped with a standard on-board charger compatible with single-phase 7kW and three-phase 22kW charging. From a 50kW public charger, you can expect an 80 per cent recharge in an hour.

Ford E-Transit (Spring 2022)  

Due in Spring 2022, the Ford E-Transit van gets a zero-emission drivetrain and range of 217 miles, making it the longest range of any electric van so far. Packing 25 different configurations, a 67kWh battery and 430Nm of torque, we’re looking forward to seeing the results of their fleet trials through 2021! 

The Arrival van

UK-based Arrival’s electric van will hit roads this summer, with a modular battery pack and maximum payload of almost two tonnes. You may have seen it around on fleet trial with logistics giant UPS and will officially enter production in autumn 2022. So far, Arrival has racked up a massive $1.2 billion-worth (around £870 million) of orders, and we can’t wait to see more of these space-age shapes hitting the streets. 

We’re proud to be the only company in the UK that reimburses payment for the drivers’ energy used whilst charging at home directly to their energy provider, and with our Chargepass, drivers can also charge on the go, giving them access to thousands of public charge points across the UK, should they need it for those longer journeys.

If you are a fleet manager who is currently making the transition to EV, get in touch with a member of the Mina team on 0114 4000 151 or book in a demo to see how the Mina solution can work for you.