Signed up to Mina, what happens next? A fleet owner’s guide

12th May 2021
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The Mina Solution is suitable for fleets of all sizes, whether you’re a large fleet of 2000 electric vehicles or a small business with 5, we still make paying for charging EVs radically simple. We issue a single monthly invoice for the fleet owner which captures their entire fleets’ home and public charges together.  

Our previous blog covered more about how our solution works and why we stand out from the crowd, so once you’ve established we’re the right solution for you, you must be curious to know what’s next.

Here’s a step by step guide…

  • We’ll invite you to register with Mina via Edison, our payment platform.

  • Next, your drivers will then be invited to register with Mina.

  • Our lovely team will supply your drivers with a welcome pack so that they know who we are and how the Mina solution works once they’re fully onboard.

  • You’ll be invited to sign up to our Fleet Portal which gives you a full overview of your fleet’s charging activity including cost and energy consumption per driver. This data will not only help you with Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SE&CR), it will help drive employee change, resulting in cost savings as vehicles become more efficient.

  • Your fleet is ready to charge!! 

  • On or around the 7th of each month, a single invoice will be produced for your business, which covers all the costs to charge your entire fleet’s EVs at home and on the road.

  • We will then make payments directly to your drivers’ energy suppliers for the cost of charging their EV at home. This payment will appear in the Mina Driver Portal and drivers will receive an SMS notifying them of the payment.

And that really is it. We told you we make paying for charging EVs radically simple! 

We’ve already helped a number of larger fleets and small businesses make the transition to EV. At any stage of the onboarding process or after setting up with us, our dedicated team are on hand to support you.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today on 0114 4000 151 or book a demo to learn more.