Starting an energy company, without starting an energy company

10th December 2019
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Mina Now Then

We started Mina with a clear goal in mind. We want to make it easy to charge your EV.

Whether you’re new to the EV world and your second car is a used Nissan Leaf (no Tesla snobs here) or you’re a fleet operator running hundreds of home-based electric vans, the infrastructure around EV charging is fragmented and unnecessarily complicated.

Our mission is to remove the complexity and make things simple.

For EV owners, this means making home chargers affordable and energy tariffs easy to understand. Maybe even making it free to charge your EV at home during certain hours or making it free charge on the road.

For fleet operators, it means making it simple to pay back employees for the energy they’ve used when charging at home. Taking the headache out of installing chargers in employees homes. Having one invoice to pay instead of many for the energy your fleet uses.

For us to achieve our mission it seems inevitable that we’ll have to become an energy provider – having our own Tariffs will give us the control we need to making charging EVs the best value possible. However, we know that going down that road adds significant cost and complexity in how we run the business.

We love being a small, lean ‘David’ amongst a sea of ‘Goliaths’.

So the challenge is, how can we be an energy company, without being an Energy Company?

We think the answer is through partnerships with likeminded businesses, a lot of hard work and a little lateral thinking.

For example, if we recommend to our customers that they switch to the outstanding and transparent Octopus Go tariff, it means we can offer free off-peak charging for your EV. If we work with a local business to install your charge point rather than a national chain, we can be more efficient and offer you a lower monthly fee for our EV charging subscription.

It’s through flexibility and great ideas that we think we can achieve our mission to make it charging your EV as simple as possible.

If that sounds interesting and you’d like to work with us, get in touch. Let’s make something happen.