Supporting our team members’ wellbeing

1st November 2021
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Our team members’ wellbeing is one of the most important things to us as a business. Which got us thinking about what more we could do to ensure we’re offering the best support to everyone within our team ready for if and when they may need it. 

We’ve created a culture where our people feel they can talk about absolutely anything and have support available when needed. This led us to introduce Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) within the business, of which Ash and Aoife have recently become certified. 

Aoife was one of the first to volunteer when we asked if anyone wanted to become a Mental Health First Aider and support the Mina team: 

“I volunteered to become a mental health first aider at Mina for a few reasons. I know of people personally who have struggled with their mental health, a few of which  I have spoken to found it difficult to open up to their colleagues about what they were going through due to the fear of being judged and maybe treated differently. 

I’m a really chatty friendly person and I thought if I had the right tools and knowledge, alongside being really open, it might help my team members at Mina to feel more comfortable approaching me if they felt they needed to speak to someone.

Mina has created a culture so that if someone is struggling, they don’t need to go through it by themselves. 

We are all like a wee family and we can speak to anyone  we feel comfortable with. However, having trained mental health first aiders provides an extra level of support for those who are struggling and need to speak to someone. It also means that if someone who hasn’t been trained has been approached and perhaps doesn’t know the best approach, they too can reach out and ask for some support on how best to deal with the information knowing it is confidential and a safe environment.” 

In addition to our MHFA support, we’ve implemented a wellness action plan for each team member. This is designed to help to actively support their own mental health by reflecting on the causes of stress by taking ownership of practical steps to help address these triggers, and by planning in advance we can ensure everyone receives the support they need when they need it. 

We also offer all team members a ‘wellbeing day’ whereby they can take a paid day off to take a step back and take care of themselves. A perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and focus on themselves. 

These small but impactful steps mean we’re going in the right direction to support those who may need it, when and if the time comes.