Track, analyse and reduce your fleet's carbon footprint with our unique electric vehicle emissions and intensity tracking tools.

A switch to EV means a massive cut to your fleet’s CO₂. With Carbontrack you can easily track the savings.


With Carbontrack™  you see the carbon footprint of every driver and every charge.

  • Precise real-time carbon data
    For every charge at home, work and on the road - perfect for tracking greenhouse gas (ghg) amongst your fleet

  • Reward your greenest drivers
    See and reward your cleanest drivers and charge sessions

  • Switch and Save
    We help your drivers to switch to cleaner home tariffs

  • Report vs ICE
    Easily show the carbon saving of EVs vs petrol and diesel vehicles

  • Really simple fleet carbon reporting

    During our latest research, we found 60% of businesses report on their carbon usage, and 67% offset their emissions.

    Fleets using The Mina Solution have carbon data readily available through our fleet carbon tracking tools...

    • 1

      Easy to use Fleet Portal

    • 2

      Monthly accurate reports available

    • 3

      Perfect for Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting