A testimonial from Business Watch Group

1st November 2021
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We were first introduced to Mina upon looking to electrify our fleet. With the deadline of 2030 looming ever closer, we began to replace our fleet's petrol and diesel vehicles to all electric ones.

Knowing that home charging was the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to charge, we began arranging for charge points to be installed at our employees' homes, but we needed a solution that would mean all employees' home and public charging could be accurately paid for.

The Mina solution does just that. Our fleet no longer has to submit mileage or record energy usage for reimbursement through payroll - the Mina solution captures all of this data accurately.

Having the Mina solution allows us to see the cost for our fleet's home and public charging, not only via the Fleet portal, but also on one single monthly invoice, whilst drivers within our fleet can see their charging history and payments made by Mina directly to their energy supplier within the Mina Driver portal.

The Mina solution has been the valued missing piece to our transition from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles. The ability to view all public and home charging on one platform has revolutionised the way in which we reimburse drivers.
Pete Holland,Group Operations Director,Business Watch Group