A simple and reliable electric vehicle charging solution | EQUANS and Mina

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At the start of 2021, low carbon energy supplier EQUANS (formally Engie UK) was looking for a way to solve an issue it was increasingly encountering, as its fleet transitioned from petrol and diesel to electric:

A fair way to pay for EV charging costs.


EQUANS’ mission is to make zero-carbon happen and they support businesses and communities in addressing the climate crisis through the transition to net-zero.

As part of their roadmap to meet their zero-carbon objectives internally, they are transitioning their fleet to electric vehicles. In order to achieve this effectively, they needed to remove any potential barriers for their drivers and ensure a smooth transition to EV adoption for commercial vehicles.

The approach

Over the past year, drivers have been added to Mina Homecharge® as they switch to electric commercial vehicles.

Drivers often head to jobs from their homes, rather than vehicles being charged in a compound overnight, and so it was important that EQUANS could pay for their EV charging costs easily and accurately. As an energy supplier themselves, it was essential that they got this right, which is why EQUANS approached Mina.

The benefits

From EQUANS’ perspective, the key benefit of Mina Homecharge® is that it removes any financial implications for drivers by removing the need to be reimbursed for any energy used, meaning that their drivers are never out of pocket. It takes the effort and responsibility out of drivers’ hands, which means that the EQUANS team have been much more supportive of switching to an EV and enables a much smoother transition.

Jonathan Lamport, Head of Fleet, EQUANS comments:

“The implementation of the solution was quick and seamless, with excellent communication from the Mina team. Our drivers have only positive feedback to say about the solution which is really important to me, as not only does it show the system works but also means the good news story will travel within the business. 

“The Mina team has also provided us with monthly reporting information, plus access to a dashboard, which has provided insightful information about the energy used, carbon impact and costs.

“The success of the scheme will enable us to roll this solution out across further vehicles and continue to grow the number of EVs within our fleet.”

“I’m really pleased with both the work and solution provided by Mina. With the way in which we are looking to evolve the fleet, partnerships with companies such as Mina are key. Mina Homecharge allows for the removal of concern for the individual, back office resource internally and provides the level of detail we require to be confident that this method of supply suits our needs. 

As we progress further into our journey towards a full EV fleet I am sure Mina Homecharge will be a key component to the scheme's continued success.”