A simple model and A* customer service | OVO Energy and Mina

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OVO Energy was founded in 2009 and redesigned the energy experience to be fair, effortless, green and simple for all customers.

The company has spent the last decade investing in market leading technology, customer service operations and digital products to help customers cut their carbon emissions.

OVO is on a mission through its sustainability strategy Plan Zero to tackle the most important issue of our time; the climate crisis, by bringing our customers with us on the journey towards zero carbon living.

Making the Switch to EV

After looking at ways to reduce the carbon impact of their own fleet, OVO started to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) with the aim of having 100% electric by 2030 as part of its commitment with EV100.


Whilst the switch to EV was positive, manual reimbursements to drivers through payroll were becoming an admin challenge and were costing the business on average 9-10 hours a month just to calculate the data which was sourced from tracking information.

Time for change

After speaking with Mina and understanding more about Mina Homecharge, OVO started a trial to see if the accuracy and simplicity promised by their solution was indeed something that was able to deliver.

With home charger integrations and tariff and supplier monitoring in place for each driver, it was quick to see that Mina Homecharge lived up to its promise. Each month accurate payments were made to each driver’s home energy supplier for the exact amount it cost to charge their company EV at home. Drivers don’t have to pay a thing, and have been happy to see the correct amount being paid as well as being able to track their own usage in the Mina Driver Portal.

OVO drivers scored Mina 10/10 when asked if they were happy with Mina Homecharge, in comparison to being reimbursed the AER for their home charging costs.

The results

Reporting issued on a monthly basis has been easy to digest and has all the right information OVO requires in a simple format. A big part of which is understanding their carbon impact.

Through Mina Carbongrid, OVO has been able to report on accurate carbon emissions produced for each charge across their fleet of EVs using Mina Homecharge.

S-J Mitchell, Senior Fleet Manager, OVO Energy commented:

“Since onboarding with Mina, our drivers are happy that they’re finally being paid for their exact usage, direct to their energy providers for charging their company vehicles at home.

“Mina offer a simple model which is easy to implement into any fleet and their customer service is A*, I would undoubtedly recommend their service to other businesses out there who are juggling trying to manage manual reimbursement.”