How can I stop EV charging fraud?

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It's starting to get more common for households to have multiple electric vehicles. If you don’t have the right home chargers installed, which can report back on which vehicle is connected, it could be very easy for an employee to add on extra charges for non-work EVs to their expenses.

Having an RFID card like a Mina Chargepass® to differentiate between the vehicles can solve this issue, but remember the charger installed needs to have RFID capabilities to allow this to happen.

When it comes to home chargers, there's a huge choice of around 70 charge point manufacturers on the Government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme approved list (which is growing at a rapid rate!), and hundreds of models.

Our Fleetapproved® hardware narrows that often-confusing choice down to trusted hardware with suppliers who we know deliver, and offers these advantages:

  • Smart charging capabilities

  • RFID charge session authentication

  • Direct data integration with Mina

  • Inbuilt mobile SIM card

  • Competitive pricing for hardware and installation

  • Improved fleet driver customer support

  • Seamless driver onboarding and installation process