Top tips for electric fleet management

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Shannon Butcher

Electric fleet management might seem daunting, but businesses can make the transition to EV simple with these top tips: Learn from the EV community, myth-bust EV range anxiety, simplify charging, assist with installations and offer consistent support to drivers.

1. Learn from the EV community

Use social media and Google to research businesses talking about their switch to EV. They'll likely be sharing their positive experiences, and passing this social proof on to the wider business will help to reduce worries around managing an electric vehicle fleet.

It's also important to network with businesses one-to-one. Attending events such as the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) or the British Vehicle and Leasing Association (BVRLA) will provide valuable insight from companies within the EV sector.

2. Myth-bust EV range anxiety

EV range is a hot topic of discussion amongst drivers, especially when it comes to travelling distances between charges. For managers, this range anxiety, or more accurately, charge anxiety, can cause push-back from drivers reluctant to commit to EVs.

Fleet managers can help squash the myths around charge anxiety, and this can be done by showing research that shines a light on the performance of EVs.

Most drivers won't travel more than a few hundred miles a day, which is well within the range of most EVs currently available, and drivers will likely charge their EVs at home too, so they can wake up and go to work without the worry of a dead battery. For drivers without off-street parking, or those needing a top-up on the road, public chargers are showing up all the time, so they'll never be too far from one.

Mina can help businesses build data which showcases charge frequency, the amount of electricity used, cost and even the carbon emissions saved through the Mina Fleet Portal. This data will help myth-bust charge or range anxiety amongst employees.

3. Assist with installation

Organising the installation of employee home chargers can be one of the most complicated parts of electric fleet management, however, assisting drivers with this process can make the entire process simpler as they'll be less likely to push back if they know they won't need to sort the installation or front the costs.

Mina can help businesses to coordinate the installation of home chargers. Employers only need to provide driver information. Mina has hardware partners that are Fleetapproved® and seamlessly integrate with Mina Homecharge® to make life as simple as possible for both fleet managers and drivers.

4. Offer consistent support

Maintaining an open support line with drivers is essential. Leaving drivers in the dark when transitioning to EV; running an EV or making payments, will only create frustration if communication is unclear.

Once drivers have the information they need and the assurance that they can get support from their employer when they need it, management will be a breeze.

Our award winning solution was created to bring 100% accuracy and unrivalled simplicity to fleet charging payments.

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