Understanding EV charging payment solutions

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Transitioning to electric can be challenging for fleet managers, and understanding where to start with charging payments, even more so. 

This is where Mina's electric fleet management expertise comes in. We make paying for EV charging radically simple by paying accurately and directly to suppliers for all energy used to charge company EVs, whether drivers charge at home or in public. Drivers don’t have to pay for a thing, and by doing this, we make something that could become extremely complex for a fleet, very simple.

Mina Homecharge®

With Mina Homecharge®, payments for every charge go directly to the supplier, no matter how many thousands there could be, all accurately linked to every driver’s home tariff rate. The business then receives just one monthly invoice.

Doing it this way allows the business to save costs on payroll reimbursements and gets rid of the hassle of employees filling out expense forms.

At the end of each month, drivers will see a payment from Mina on their bill and will be able to view payments made to their energy supplier on the Mina Driver Portal because we pay drivers' home energy consumption directly to the energy provider.

Mina Chargepass®

We’ve also solved the complexities of public charging payments with Mina Chargepass®. By using our single RFID card, drivers can access over 7,440 charge points across 2,900 locations throughout the UK. To pay, drivers just tap their Chargepass®, and the cost is then charged to the business on the same single monthly invoice.

The business can see costs clearly and avoid messy, drawn-out reimbursement processes with receipts and claim sheets

Although electric fleet management may seem difficult, businesses can make the switch to EVs and the subsequent fleet organisation simple by following these top tips:

  • Learn from the EV community through social proof.

  • Investigate your EV mileage range.

  • Make charging simple.

  • Help with installations and continuously support drivers.

Our award winning solution was created to bring 100% accuracy and unrivalled simplicity to fleet charging payments.

  • Pay direct to your drivers' energy suppliers for home charging with Mina Homecharge®
  • Access Mina Chargepass®, the UK’s largest aggregate fast charger network
  • 100% accurate charging costs guaranteed with no admin costs