Hardware you can rely on. Service you can trust.

We know what fleets need when picking a home charger, which is why we’re working with charge point manufacturers to bring the best hardware choices for fleet drivers.

Whilst Mina works with most charge point brands, there are charge points that bring out the best of Mina’s Homecharge solution.

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Mina Fleet Approved: Easee One, Indra Smart Pioneer

Mina FleetApproved™ charge points all offer the following:

Smart charging capabilities

Ability to identify multiple vehicles

Direct data integration with Mina

Inbuilt mobile SIM card

Competitive pricing for hardware and installation

Improved fleet driver customer support

Seamless driver onboarding and installation process

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Easee One

Easee One is a secure and powerful 7kW electric vehicle charger developed specifically for the UK domestic market.

Key features:

  • Reduced cost and time to install

  • Fully dynamic charging power 1.4–7.4 kW

  • Load balancing of up to 3 units per fuse by integrated wireless communication

  • Offline proof load balancing

  • Integrated eSIM in each box, lifetime free subscription

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    Easee One Mina Fleet Approved

    Hear what our customers had to say

    "Mina made the whole process very easy!"

    Mina made the whole process very easy and contacted all the drivers to arrange a survey, provided Clarion Response with clear quotations for each installation, making it clear where there were any non-standard costs to be charged, and arranging installation with the relevant installer.

    We had a wonderfully helpful Account Manager (Sam) at hand to help us along the way and provide regular updates and was on hand to sort out any questions or problems.

    The installs have just about all been completed and drivers on the whole were very pleased with the quality of the work and helpfulness of the installers. Where they were not happy with the work that needed to be carried out or the need to position a charger in a particular location, we did not proceed with the install.

    Colin Hutt
    Fleet and Environment Manager


    If you’re a charge point manufacturer and want to learn more about becoming Mina Fleet Approved™:

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    Fleet owner

    If you’re a Fleet Owner and want to learn more about installations with our Fleet Approved™ partners:

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