Charge your EV fleet with just one bill.

At home or on the road.

Managing charging costs for your electric vehicle fleet can seem complicated, especially where drivers charge at home.

Businesses need an accurate way of managing EV charging payments. That’s where we come in.

With Mina, your vehicles can charge at your employees homes or on the road, and we’ll send you one single invoice for all the energy used.

Your employees don’t pay a penny (even for home charging!), so there are no expenses to claim – we credit their energy providers directly.

It really is radically simple.

Mina Energy

It pays to charge at home

Charging an EV at an employee’s home is as cheap as paying 22p for a litre of fuel, so it pays to encourage employees to plug in.

We help fleet managers to unlock those savings by providing a single bill for all their fleet charging costs.

Your drivers are more likely to charge at home if they’re not out of pocket for energy costs, making your switch to EV that little bit easier.

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Average Petrol icon
Average Petrol £1.27 Per Litre
Public Charging* icon
Public Charging* £0.96 Per Litre Equivalent
Home Charging** icon
Home Charging** £0.22 Per Litre Equivalent

We make paying for business EV charging costs simple

  • We integrate with your employees’ home charge point and energy supplier to calculate the true cost of charging the vehicle.
  • Our easy to use fleet dashboard gives you complete visibility of every charge – at home and in public.
  • You get a single invoice for all energy used.
  • All your drivers need to do is plug in – nothing to pay, no expenses to claim.
  • Home charging costs are automatically credited to your drivers’ energy accounts, appearing as credits at the end of each month.


Employees plug in at home or on the road, and charge their company vehicle at no cost to them.


You track their charging sessions via your fleet charging dashboard


We manage the energy suppliers and public charging networks, and send you one monthly bill to cover your whole fleet

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We’d love to help you make the EV switch.

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*Based on 35p/kWh charge cost

**Based on £0.08/kWh charge cost

Both figures based on 35 mpg, 2.8 miles per kWh