Easy, affordable Electric Taxi charging

From as little as £35 a week

Many taxi drivers across the UK are considering switching to an electric vehicle. We can help make charging electric taxis simple and affordable with our weekly subscription.

All this from just £35 a week:

  • The latest EV smart charger installed at home (usual cost £350-£500)
  • Unlimited off-peak home charging every night
  • Easy access to public charging networks
  • Easy reports for tax returns
Mina Energy

Home Charging is Cheapest

Charging your Electric Taxi at home is like paying 22p for a litre of diesel, but public charging could cost you significantly more.

Home charging overnight gives you enough range to travel 150-200 miles per day, without visiting expensive public charge points.

It pays to charge your electric cab at home.

Diesel icon
Diesel £1.27 Per Litre
Public Charging* icon
Public Charging* £0.96 Per Litre Equivalent
Home Charging** icon
Home Charging** £0.22 Per Litre Equivalent

Helping you switch to an electric Taxi

We can help make the switch to EV simple and painless, saving you money in the process.

1: Install

We’ll install the latest smart charger in your home.

Our 7kWh charger will charge most batteries from empty to full in around 5 hours

2: Charge

You charge for free every night. Like having a full tank of fuel every morning!

For most vehicles, this is enough to cover 150-200 miles from a single charge.

3: Pay weekly

You have a fixed price weekly subscription to pay which includes all off peak energy used to charge at home.

You can see details of every charge made at home and in public through our simple dashboard

Switch to EV and save

Thanks to government incentives and tax breaks, there are lots of savings to be made from switching to an electric taxi.

  • Lower fuel costs. EV energy can cost the same as paying 22p for a litre of fuel.
  • Government grants of up to £8,000 on electric Taxis.
  • Pay nothing to access ULEZ and CAZ clean air zones, and no London Congestion Charge (£11.50 a day)

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