Save Money with an Electric Fleet

We work with home-based fleets to support easy charging; including painfree chargepoint installation, reliable usage dashboards and uncomplicated management of employee energy costs.

Mina Energy

Home Charging is Cheaper

Charging an EV at an employee’s home is like paying 22p for a litre of diesel, but public charging could cost you more than fuel.

It pays to encourage employees to plug in at home.

Complicated expense claims and worries about being out of pocket can stop your employees charging where it’s cheapest.

We help fleet managers to remove the barriers and unlock home charging savings.

Petrol icon
Petrol £1.27 Per Litre
Public Charging* icon
Public Charging* £0.96 Per Litre Equivalent
Home Charging** icon
Home Charging** £0.22 Per Litre Equivalent

Helping your fleet go electric

We can help you make the switch to EV.

Our experienced team can help you choose the best routes and employees to switch to EV, install charge points and manage your home charging energy.

You can just sit back and watch your fleet save you time and money.

1: Survey & Recommend

We survey your drivers to see who is most suitable for the EV switch. This, combined with your telematics data, helps us find the best candidates.

2: Install

We’ll install the latest smart chargers and coordinate the installation in employee’s homes, and if you qualify for a government grant towards the cost, we’ll sort that for you too!

3: Invoice

We’ll send a you single invoice for all the energy used and pay your employees’ energy suppliers directly.

No expenses to manage, and all HMRC compliant.

Switch to EV
and save

Thanks to government incentives and tax breaks, there are lots of savings to be made from switching to electric vehicles.

Mina can help you switch.

  • Lower fuel costs. EV energy can cost the same as paying 22p for a litre of fuel.
  • Government grants of £3500 on electric cars and up to £8000 on vans.
  • Government grants of up to £500 towards charge point installation (and an extra £300 grant in Scotland).
  • £0 Road Fund Licence or Vehicle Excise Duty on electric vans (providing OTR price is less than £40k)
  • Pay nothing to access ULEZ and CAZ clean air zones, and no London Congestion Charge (£11.50 a day)

Book a demo

We’d love to help you make the EV switch. To find out more or see a demo of our home charging tool, enter your details.

*Based on 35p/kWh charge cost

**Based on £0.08/kWh charge cost

Both figures based on 35 mpg, 2.8 miles per kWh