For Large Business Fleets

Home, public & workplace EV charging all in one monthly invoice

Pay drivers exactly what they use charging at home, on the road and at the workplace with our award winning fleet payment solution.

  • Pay direct to your drivers' energy suppliers

  • Access Chargepass™, the UK’s largest public fleet charging network

  • 100% accurate charging costs guaranteed with no admin costs
  • Business EV charging costs are simple with Mina Homecharge™

    Charging EVs at drivers' homes is by far the cheapest and most convenient method for fleets. With Mina Homecharge™, it’s now also the simplest.

    • 1

      We can install and then integrate with each driver's home charger and energy supplier to calculate the true cost of charging their EV

    • 2

      Simply login to your Fleet Portal and you’ll have visibility of every charge from every driver.

    • 3

      At the end of the month, you just get one invoice to cover these. Meanwhile, driver home charge costs are automatically paid to their energy accounts by Mina.

    Business EV charging costs
    UK chargepoint map

    Charge anywhere with Mina Chargepass®

    Mina Chargepass® gives you access to thousands of public EV chargers. It’s perfect for drivers who can’t charge at home and increases your fleet’s flexibility.

    • 1

      Drivers simply tap their Chargepass® each time they charge at a public chargepoint. That’s it.

    • 2

      On the Fleet Portal you can track which drivers are charging, where and for how much.

    • 3

      Chargepass®appears together with Homecharge on your single monthly invoice.

    Track your road to a zero carbon future with the Mina Fleet Portal

    With insights into costs, CO2 and more, gain unrivalled visibility and control over your fleet’s home, workplace and public charging.

  • Easy to use cost and kWh reports at fleet and individual level

  • No expenses to manage, just one monthly invoice

  • Export carbon footprint reporting, including ICE vehicle emissions

  • Hardware agnostic. Works with all home and public chargers!

  • Includes both home, workplace and public charging data

  • Keep it simple for your drivers with mina®

    When drivers are out and about, Chargepass® works with any public charger

    When back at home, Homecharge™ works with any home charger

    Drivers don’t have to change energy supplier and are never out of pocket waiting to be reimbursed

    All in all, Mina® simplifies your EV charging so you can get back to what’s important