Andy Lathbury Business Development Manager - Fleets
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Andy Lathbury

Business Development Manager - Fleets

Andy is a full-time Mina Business Development Manager and part-time golfer, spending much of his time on the green practising his swings.

As a part of the sales team, Andy is one of the front faces of Mina, networking with potential businesses and ensuring Mina is constantly on the up and up, improving our customer base each day. His smooth-talking sales skills make total sense when he says he wanted to be James Bond as a young lad - now he has a license to sell! Wink, wink. 

Before Mina, Andy studied Sport Science at the University of Central Lancashire, however his career path lead him into the motor industry, where he’s been for the last 12 years. Now as a part of team Mina, he knows he can make a difference, not only in the company but for the wider world by supporting businesses' transitions to EV.