Award winning EV charging payment specialists Mina, announce the launch of their ‘Fleet Approved™’ hardware certification scheme.

31st March 2022
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Leaders in business payments for EV charging across home, public and the workplace, Mina power some of the UK’s largest EV fleets and today announce the launch of their Fleet Approved hardware certification scheme.

Mina’s platform is the only hardware agnostic system that integrates with chargers of many brands, and not just those meeting OCPP regulations. Increasingly though, fleets are looking at guidance around which hardware to install for their drivers when charging at home.

Chris Dalrymple, MD at Mina explains:

“One of the first questions we often have from fleets is which hardware to install - especially at drivers’ homes. With hundreds of hardware models to choose from it can be confusing. With our experience integrating with, and coordinating the install of many different hardware brands we’re able to recommend the right hardware for the right fleet.” 

Mina is uniquely positioned to recommend home charging hardware, having integrated with multiple charge point brands and ingested thousands of kWh of charging sessions - they understand what fleets need when picking a home charger.

Mina has therefore launched the ‘Fleet Approved™’ scheme to highlight charge points which perform well in a fleet setting. Evaluating a number of factors:

  • Ease of install (E.g. need for separate earthing protection, important given large fleets may be installing hundreds of home chargers)

  • Quality of and frequency data (Mina compatibility, strength of internet connectivity, storage and accuracy)

  • Smart charging features (to ensure charging for lowest cost and lowest carbon)

  • Service (strong support if things go wrong).

Their first recommended hardware is the Easee One, as this charger offers a number of features which make them ideal for the fleet charging setting, including GSM and Wifi connectivity, Smart Charging functionality and high levels of service and maintenance included in the install cost.

Effie Vraka, Country Director, Easee commented:

“We are delighted to be selected as Fleet Approved hardware by Mina and help them help businesses electrify their fleets the Easee way, as we are so aligned in the way we want to bring our products and services in the market: with our end-user best experience in mind.”

Mina are working with other manufacturers to bring them onto the scheme and help Fleet Managers make the best hardware choices, and are keen to speak to potential partners who want to join the scheme.

For any businesses looking for coordination of installing Fleet Approved hardware, get in touch directly at