Mina have won a bid to deliver fleet smart charging solution with project partners Miralis and Envisji

30th June 2021
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Mina Miralis Envisj partnership

Together we’ve secured funding through Innovate UK, which will allow Mina to begin testing the benefits of smart charging fleet vehicles at employees homes for the first time. 

This project, named FCSC or Fleet Connected Smart Charging, will produce a solution that enables fleets and their host sites to transition to electric vehicles quicker and more efficiently.

Miralis Data, a transport-focused software and data science company, provides a solution that allows users to manage all of their charge points in one platform, the funding will allow them to extend their research into smart charging for EV fleets. 

The project will balance the expected charge needed for a varied fleet with the site’s electricity capacity. Energy management company Envisij will be partnering with Miralis to report real-time and projected site power capacity and site demand to Fuuse/Miralis. Miralis will devise a smart charging solution to optimise the remaining capacity, charging vehicles within cost and capacity parameters.

We’ll be focusing on home charging for fleets within the project, allowing the smart charging solution to be applied where fleets charge vehicles at employees’ homes. Smart charging fleet vehicles at employees homes could unlock lots of potential benefits to drivers, fleet managers and the environment – ensuring vehicles are charged when energy is cheapest, greenest, and when the National Grid can easily manage the capacity.

Mina’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ashley Tate commented:

“We’re looking forward to working with Miralis and Envisji on this exciting project. The funding will enable us to accelerate our solution which already allows employees to charge at home with one single invoice for the fleet owner capturing both home and public charging across their fleet, by allowing them to benefit from smart charging.”

The project is set to kick off in August with a solution expected in Spring 2022 – watch this space!!