The Next Steps For Your Green Fleet

The legal deadline for UK sales of petrol, diesel and even hybrid vehicles is 2035 - we’re less than 15 years away from that deadline, and it's likely the date could be brought forward.

How is your company planning to go electric?

On 11th November at 1.30pm we'll be hosting an online webinar, alongside our friends at The Algorithm People, and with guest Chris Chandler - Principal Consultant at Lex Autolease and all round EV Expert.

The webinar will focus on real life examples of companies switching to EVs, and how you can make simple steps to introducing electric vehicles to your fleet. We'll end with a Q&A to allow you to ask your burning EV questions to our panel of experts.

Register now using the form opposite, but hurry, we only have limited places.

Chris Chandler, Lex Autolease

A multi-award winning Fleet Consultant, Chris has been leading the green agenda for over 20 years, working with organisations such as the Energy Saving Trust, Go Ultra Low, the BVRLA, and HMRC; and has been listed in GreenFleet’s 100 most influential people in the Low-Carbon fleet industry for the last 3 years.

Chris is a regular conference speaker and industry commentator, and is at the forefront of fleet electrification in the UK.

Colin Ferguson, The Algorithm People

Also named as one of the most influential people in the low carbon fleet industry by GreenFleet magazine, Colin is the CEO of The Algorithm People.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, the Algorithm People provides route optimisation software to commercial vehicle operators. Experts in electric vehicle optimisation, they help fleets to identify which vehicles and routes are best suited to electrification.

Once the EVs are deployed, the optimisation software ensures that fleets get the best environmental and financial return on investment from them.

Ashley Tate, Mina

Ash is an Entrepreneur and Founder of a number of businesses, most recently Split the Bills, which makes life simple for people in shared houses to manage their utilities.

Ash’s journey in the world of business started in when he was just 15. Since then he’s built a number of businesses, and through the inevitable ups and downs he’s learnt a lot.

He’s now focussed on building businesses that do good and make a positive difference.

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