Simple office and workplace charging with Workcharge™

Support your employees’ transition to electric vehicles with easy to use workplace EV charging.


With Workcharge™, installing and managing office and depot electric vehicle charge points is simple:

    • Choose from the latest EV smart chargers

    • Installations qualify for up to 75% OZEV grant funding - up to £14,000

    • Set different charging pricing for employees and visitor charge sessions, or offer for free

    • Easily see drivers charging behaviour with RFID authentication

    • View home, workplace and public charging together in our unique Fleet Portal

  • Workcharge steps

    Get in touch to discuss how Mina can support you with the installation and management of your workplace charge points.

    Installation at your workplace made radically simple

    Choose Mina Fleet Approved™ hardware at your workplace. 


    All your fleet’s charging activity in one place.

  • Work, home and public all together

  • Charging insights per vehicle and across entire fleet

  • Carbon intensity and emissions reporting with Carbontrack™

  • Invoice and backing data download

  • Fleet Portal Mac