The Mina Story

Mina was started by Ashley Tate, Chris Dalrymple and Andrew Gunn in leafy Sheffield, UK.

We founded the business with a clear mission – to  accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by making paying for EV charging radically simple.

We have the UK’s only EV charging solution which allows fleet vehicles to be charged at home and on the road, resulting in one simple bill for the fleet owner. Mina pays for the drivers’ energy used whilst charging at home directly to their energy provider. With the Mina Chargepass, drivers can charge on the go giving them access to thousands of public charge points across the UK.

This makes paying for EV charging transparent, accurate and easy for employers and employees.

You can find out more on our EV driver and EV fleet solutions pages, or you can book a demo here to see how the Mina solution can work for you.


Why the name Mina? Mina Miller was Thomas Edison’s wife. Nicknamed the Wizard’s Wife she was described as an incredible woman, a philanthropist and Edison himself called her “a yardstick for measuring perfection”. We can’t claim to be perfect, but we do love her story and are proud to honour her in small way.

The Mina Team

Ashley Tate (Board Member)

Ash is an Entrepreneur and Founder of a number of businesses, most recently Split the Bills, which makes life simple for people in shared houses to manage their utilities.

Ash’s journey in the world of business started in when he was just 15. Since then he’s built a number of businesses, and through the inevitable ups and downs he’s learnt a lot.

He’s now focussed on building businesses that do good and make a positive difference.

Ash’s EV is a Jaguar i-Pace and has a Land Rover Defender for muddy drives in the Peak District.

Chris Dalrymple (Board Member)

Chris has spent the last 18 years working for lots of different businesses, supporting their digital strategy. He’s honed his skills working in ecommerce and marketing roles for brands like Asda, Jet2 and On the Beach.

After 7 years at On the Beach Chris decided it was time for a new challenge and wanted to start something brand new. He met Ash shortly after moving to Sheffield and the rest is history!

Chris daily drives a Renault Zoe EV, but has a Lotus Exige and Triumph motorbike waiting in the garage for weekend drives over Snake Pass.

Andy Gunn (Board Member)

Andy joined Mina in July 2020 as our CTO, and the missing piece in the Mina founder puzzle.

He has over 15 years experience as client and agency-side developer for a number of brands, and was previously senior engineer at a fleet solutions business and a fintech startup.

Andy loves to solve problems with simple tech solutions.

Andy has yet to switch to an EV, but the Audi e-Tron is top of his list when he does!

Carl Stanton

Carl joined the Mina team in January 2021, having made a career in the wine-trade selling high quality plonk to private clients, restaurants, hotels and to some of the UK’s largest independent retailers.

The switch to EV technology is something Carl has embraced with a characteristic sense of adventure, and he’s excited to challenge himself outside of the wine-industry.

As our Head of Sales, Carl will be welcoming new fleets on the Mina platform, and to shout about Mina’s simple EV charging products to the UK’s forward looking businesses.

Rukhsaar Amin

Rukhsaar is our Operations & Marketing Exec and a final year business student at Sheffield Hallam University.

She joined Mina in August 2020, off the back of spending a year working in e-mobility for a large energy supplier.

She loves making the customer journey simple and ergonomic.

Even though she still has her first ever car, Ruk is ambitious for a Tesla Model 3 as her introduction to driving an EV.

Elliot Chaim

Elliot joined us in August 2020 and serves as our Head of Engineering, bringing with him bags of experience across lots of brands and agencies including time as a Technical Lead for a global fuel card company.

Elliot’s forte is building and designing complex applications using cloud technology, and he’s excited by the huge potential for this in the EV charging space.

He’s also an RSPCA trustee and a keen cyclist.

Laurie Nicholas

Laurie joined us in September 2020 and currently serves as our Head of Product and UX. He’s driven by a passion for building genuinely useful software products that solve real-world problems, and relishes sitting at the intersection where design, tech and product meet.

Another passionate cyclist, outside of work Laurie enjoys road cycling in the Peaks (when family life allows), though Sheffield’s hills have converted him to an eBike for the commute!

Victoria Trudgill

Victoria is our Marketing and Finance Coordinator and joined Mina in March 2021.

Having formerly worked within the hospitality, and most recently automotive sector, Victoria brings her expertise to support the whole team within Marketing and Finance.

Excited to be working within a team of like minded enthusiastic people, Victoria looks forward to what the future of Mina holds and is thrilled to be part of doing something incredible for not only those transitioning to EVs but for our planet also.

She has a love for being outdoors and will grasp the opportunity for a long walk in the nearby peaks whenever she can!

Jonny Powell

At the start of April 2021 we welcomed Jonny Powell, maths graduate from The University of Surrey, who has come onboard as our Full Stack Developer. He’ll be working with our Dev team on our payment platform, Edison.

In his spare time, Jonny enjoys delving into programme languages and when he’s not doing that, he often finds himself zipping around in sunny Sheffield on his road bike.

He doesn’t drive a car at the minute but aspires to be able to one day and ambitiously has a Tesla Roadster at the top of his list!

Luke Harrison

Luke sits at the intersection of design and development in his role as one of Mina’s Senior UX Developers. He thrives on designing a positive user experience whilst building scalable, fast loading websites.

He’s worked at a range of large and small businesses over the past 10 years and has written articles for both print and online web development magazines and blogs. He dreams of one day being able to write and publish his very own tech book!

Outside of work, Luke enjoys climbing, although he admits he’s not massively great at it!

For his next car, Luke would love to own a Volvo XC40 or a Tesla Model 3.

Daniel Humenko

Daniel joined Mina as Senior UX Developer in May 2021. He thrives off improving the customer experience by using simple but innovative methods. Bridging the gap between design and development is where he fits best.

He views team togetherness and friendship as one of the most important factors of a job, and will be at the forefront of organising any team bonding or social events.

His favourite pastimes are running and supporting his local football team – Derby County – unfortunately for him!!

Passionate about the environment, Daniel dreams of having a fully eco home in the future.

Aoife Devine

Aoife joined Mina in June 2021 as Account Manager and brings with her tons of experience in working directly with the fleet and transport industry.

Excited to be a part of the EV movement, Aoife is looking forward to working with fleets of all sizes to help simplify their transition to EV and will primarily be working with both fleets and drivers to onboard them to the Mina platform.

She has a love for all sports, especially Gaelic football, and loves to walk and cycle, as opposed to travelling by car, where possible.

When it comes to electric vehicles, the Volkswagen e-Golf is right at the top of her list for when she’s ready to make the switch to EV.

Sam Calderbank

Sam joined Mina as Operations Executive in September 2021 after graduating from The University of Sheffield where she studied Sociology and Criminology.

Having previously worked in a variety of hospitality roles, Sam brings with her an abundance of experience working in a customer facing environment. She’s mostly looking forward to working with “an already lovely team of people” whilst working directly with our customers as she supports our Operations team to welcome new fleets and drivers onto the platform.

Sam hopes to own an EV in the future once she’s able to drive – something she’ll be putting her mind to sooner rather than later to avoid walking the many hills Sheffield has to offer!!

In her spare time she enjoys exploring new places in Sheffield and getting out into the Peaks when it’s nice and sunny.

Tom Rowlands (Board Member and Advisor)

Tom has been at Fleetcor since 2018 and is currently VP of Strategy & Growth across Europe and Australasia. He leads the region’s key strategic initiatives, which includes building solutions and forging partnerships to help fleets navigate the complex EV landscape and the challenges that EV adoption presents.

Prior to Fleetcor Tom spent 10 years advising companies on Mergers and Acquisitions at KPMG and Deloitte, giving him experience across a multitude of sectors but with a focus on payments and automotive.

Tom hasn’t owned a car for 10 years, but with a growing family has taken the plunge and ordered a fully electric BMW ix3.

Sanjay Parekh (Advisor)

Sanjay is a seasoned business advisor, CEO and tech entrepreneur who now helps businesses in the digital sector to grow and scale effectively.

He has lots of experience developing and successfully exiting start-up and scale-ups in the UK, with a focus on FinTech, Smart Home, SaaS and Tech for Good. Sanjay has co-founded, grown and sold 2 tech businesses in diverse industries over a 20 year period.

He now helps organisations innovate, fundraise, build winning strategies and create deeper connections with their customers through his consulting practice.

Chris Chandler (Advisor)

Chris is a multi-award winning Fleet Consultant who has been leading the green agenda for over 20 years, working with organisations such as the Energy Saving Trust, Go Ultra Low, and the BVRLA.

In 2015 Chris won the inaugural Energy Saving Trust’s “(unsung) Fleet Hero” award, and has been listed in Green Fleet’s 100 most influential people in the Low-Carbon fleet industry for the last 3 years.

He is a regular conference speaker and industry commentator, and has been at the forefront of fleet electrification in the UK, designing award winning electric vehicle implementation programmes.