Our Story

Ashley Tate, Chris Dalrymple and Andy Gunn founded the business with a clear mission: to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by making paying for EV charging radically simple.

Our multi award winning payment solution for EV charging is the UK’s only platform which allows fleet and business electric vehicles to be charged at home, work and on the road, resulting in a single monthly invoice for the business.

Powering some of the largest electric fleets in the UK, Mina Homecharge® accurately pays the employees energy supplier for the cost of charging their company EV at home and with Mina Chargepass®, employees can charge in public with one single RFID card at thousands of public charge points across the UK, including all charge points within the Allstar and InstaVolt networks.

Businesses are able to see key insights including carbon intensity and emissions, cost per kWh, location and duration of each charge across their fleet in our easy to use Fleet Portal.

This makes paying for EV charging transparent, accurate and simple for employers and employees.

Why the name Mina?

Mina Miller was Thomas Edison’s wife. Nicknamed the Wizard’s Wife she was described as an incredible woman, a philanthropist and Edison himself called her “a yardstick for measuring perfection”. We can’t claim to be perfect, but we do love her story and are proud to honour her in small way.